Customer Review:
Please share my feedback with the rest of your team.I am so glad that I chose Alia's Catering for my special event this past weekend.The food was outstanding and the quantity was much more than I expected (although Steve tried to warn me that there would be leftovers).  
Several happy guests went home with a meal for the next day.I will definitely consider Alia's Catering for future events and will strongly recommend your team to others.

Thank you!!

Lisa Furton - General Motors | Vehicle Safety Simulation

Customer Review:

On behalf of the Service Network Team for Children's Services at Oakland Community Mental Health Authority, I want to say thank you for the excellent service you and your delightful employees consistently provide.  You have catered several of our training events, and everyone constantly raves about how good the food is, especially the Mediterranean Bar! Your staff is prompt and professional and wonderful to work with.  And we have spoken so highly of your services that other teams in our organization plan to have Alia's Catering cater their events as well!! We truly appreciate the good food and service and look forward to a long standing relationship with you!

Jennifer Muller- Manager | Service Network Team- SED

Customer Review:

Alia's Team.....OMGosh!!!!!!!! The catering you had provided for our Great Start Parent Coalition meeting last night was amazing! During our Icebreaker “What Are You Thankful for?”, several of the Dads in attendance said “This food!”  This has never happened.The quantity, quality and presentation far surpassed anything we had expected. There were cannoli’s last night! There were actual shrieks from the group when it was time for desserts. After “over-using” the local chains pitas, pizza, (boring) etc., I was thrilled to have you come up first on my Google Search! Looking forward to our next meeting in the area. How far are you willing to travel? J

Jean Jocque- Oakland Schools